Superbowl Weekend Adventures

It took awhile to sit down and write this post. I’ve only just begun this blog and I’m already behind! Anywho…. last weekend I did a marathon of baking. I literally felt like I was in the Great British Bake Off. I made bread and a cake in 3.5 hours! Craziness.

To start the weekend, I made macarons again (which I continue to call macaroons, even though I know I’m wrong. Saying Macarons makes me feel so pretentious.) I got my macaroon recipe from The Finch and Pea. She had great ideas and pictures to help me follow along. If you go to my recipes area, you’ll find the recipe with my notes.

The first time I had made macarons I made my own almond flour (mostly because I had some almonds on hand and was too lazy to go to the store). This time I decided to get the almond flour. Boy was it easier! You still have to sift it a whole bunch of times, but it does seem to really lighten the flour, which probably makes a difference. When filling the macarons, I used a swiss meringue buttercream, because why not?  I’ve linked my original recipes, but in the recipe section you can find my notes and changes. Biggest lesson learned (cue Gabe’s laughter) was not to use salted butter when it calls for unsalted! Although there is only about a quarter teaspoon of added salt in each stick, it makes a huge difference when using 10 sticks of butter (yeah, no lie, TEN STICKS. Needless to say, I threw away that batch and moved on.

My other macaron lesson was that being so worried about over mixing egg whites can cause undermixing. My blue mixture was pretty perfect, but the pink one came out hallow. The interwebs told me this was because I undermixed it.

The next thing I made was cinnamon bread. Again, I decided to veer away from the recipe and instead of making two loaves, I made one. Oh my was it gigantic! It looked a bit like a giant turd, but it tasted amazing! I’m sure my fellow superbowl party goers would agree.

Finally my cake! I’ve made this cake recipe tons and it is my go to for chocolate cake. However, I didn’t let my cake cook enough (I was being rushed to watch some big sporting event). This caused the layers to split apart, but it still tasted good and that’s all that matters, right? The swiss meringue buttercream (above) topped it beautifully with yummy mousse in between.

This weekend’s winner: Cinnamon Crunch Bread, I could eat that all day every day!

Find all these recipes by either clicking the link and going to the original source or if you would like my commentary, head to the recipe page 🙂



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